THE AGE GAME…pinpointing visual + chronological age

As they age, people don’t interact with computers, devices, or reading materials the same way as when they were younger. Traditional progressive addition lens designs are nonetheless based on the one-size-fits-all principle.

Tip: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work, since young presbyopes need a good solution for digital reading, while advanced presbyopes need one for far and near.

12the number of unique design concepts the Shamir Autograph Intelligence utilizes to meet the visual needs for EACH visual age.

Unlike those designs, Shamir’s most advanced progressive lens, The Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lens, optimally matches the wearer’s Visual Age™ with his or her visual needs. The Shamir Autograph Intelligence is, in fact, the end result of a comprehensive research program conducted by Shamir.


Shamir saw that flaw in traditional PALs–that they used the same design concept to provide every wearer the same solution. And, the company faced that challenge head-on, asking, “How can we help ECPs make the best choice of lens to meet the needs of patients without complicating the dispensing process? How can we offer one product that will fit most customer needs?”


To answer those questions, Shamir applied methods of both Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and examined the preferences and visual behavior of presbyopes across the age spectrum. They did this by taking also taking into consideration those presbyopes’ Visual Age…defined by Shamir as “the physiological age of the eye (the required addition) and is generally correlated with the patient’s chronological age.”


Here’s some of what Shamir found in pinpointing and addressing both visual and chronological age.

• YOUNG PRESBYOPES…“need a good solution for digital reading and support for dynamic vision. Near vision has lower priority, due to reading mainly on handheld digital devices.”

• MODERATE PRESBYOPES…“demonstrate more balanced needs. All vision zones hold more or less equal importance.”

• ADVANCED PRESBYOPES…“need a good solution for far and near vision, while Switch Distances Frequency™, intermediate vision, and digital reading are a lower priority.”


Autograph Intelligence utilizes 12 unique design concepts to meet the visual needs for EACH visual age. The result? Each design is unique by visual age, resulting in:

• Easier adaption at lower adds

• Instant focus at every distance

• Smooth transition between zones

• A unique user experience

• A lens ahead of its time

• Updated vision zones, including digital and computer viewing

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Erinn Morgan