AR…Talking It Up

Want to sell more AR in your office? For starters, make sure you and your staff are wearing it.

Then mention it to every patient. Choose your words carefully, and don’t position it as an add-on, but as an integral part of your lens offerings. To stress that point, packaging AR rather than offering it a la carte ensures it is perceived and valued as part of the lens, not something extra.

Tip: “Packaging AR rather than offering it a la carte ensures it is perceived and valued as part of the lens, not something extra.”

4key AR selling points are visual clarity, durability, cleanability, and cosmetics.


Here’s a quick look at some of the top benefits of AR, along with ways to describe them…both in a short sentence and in more detail.


Short: “AR offers superior visual performance by reducing or eliminating discomforting and distracting reflections.”

Detailed: “Reflections from lens surfaces reduce light transmission which creates ghosting and starburst effects. As index of refraction increases, so does the amount of transmission lost due to increased reflections.”


Short: “AR lenses are scratch-resistant, so they’ll offer longer life-of-wear.”

Detailed: “AR lenses provide superior scratch resistance compared to untreated lenses. Scratches cause haze which impacts both the cosmetic and visual performance of lenses.”


Short: “AR lenses are easy to keep clean.”

Detailed: “AR lenses are easier to clean compared to untreated lenses because of the higher surface tension created by today’s hydrophobic top coats.


Short: “AR lenses reveal your eyes.”

Detailed: “AR lenses provide greater cosmetic performance by eliminating reflections.”


While you may choose to offer AR as part of good, better, and best packages, you should have one that is your go-to product. For many top practices, Shamir Glacier PLUS UV is just that. Seeing how the company positions it can help you create your own conversation. Shamir consumer-faced literature describes it this way:

“Extensive research went into creating Glacier Plus. It is the optimal lens coating that won’t wear off or scratch. It leaves the lens clear and free of distracting reflections, and it’s easier than ever to keep clean. Now, Shamir has made it even better with its improved version. Glacier Plus UV provides all that, plus the most comprehensive UV protection for the eyes, blocking both incoming and rear surface reflected rays.”


A look at some of the verbiage of how Shamir promotes Glacier PLUS UV can help with your positioning as well. According to Shamir, it:

• “Protects your eyes with backside UV protection;

• dramatically reduces annoying “Rainbows”, for a clear view of your eyes;

• reduces ‘visual glare’ for a safer driving experience, especially at night;

• plus improved scratch resistance protects your lenses when it comes to your daily activities;

• utilizing Slippery PLUS Technology, lenses are easy and effortless to clean; and

• enhanced anti-static properties repel dust.

How many of these points do you raise with patients when discussing AR? Tell us about it and share in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan

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