Training for Leadership

You want staff to provide great service while also working as a team. One giant step toward making that is developing leadership skills. Not just for the few who stand out, but for everyone.

Four out of 10 employees who don’t receive good training leave their job within the first 12 months of employment. The main reason? Lack of development opportunities.

What are the leadership skills you can train for, and how do you develop them? Read on to find out.

Tip: “Providing leadership training to all your employees can alter their professional mindsets.”

40%4out of 10 of employees who don’t receive good training leave within 12 months.


What qualities are you looking to enhance among staff members? According to EdgePoint Learning, the seven qualities the majority of employers report they most want to enhance through training are: honesty, fairness, emotional intelligence, creativity, good problem solving, the ability to delegate, and a sense of personal responsibility.


Some companies make the mistake of focusing their efforts on just key staff members. Though you do want to give a few staffers added responsibility, the mainstream thinking is that it’s also important to enhance everyone’s skills.

You can do that by:

• Providing feedback on a regular basis.

• Letting employees be creative and take chances.

• Encouraging employees to network outside of work.

• Implementing a mentorship program. 


According to Forbes, when trained properly, employees will be more productive, engaged, and independent.

They’ll also have the right mindset. “Providing leadership training to all your employees can alter their professional mindsets,” reports Forbes. “People tend to have one of two mindsets when it comes to their careers: a fixed mindset or one geared toward growth. Those with fixed mindsets assume basic qualities are fixed and unchanging, and talent alone is enough to be successful.

“However, an employee with a growth mindset understands that even the most basic of abilities can be improved through dedication and hard work. The right leadership training will show employees new ways of thinking and promote the growth mindset. It will also show them that even the faintest of their abilities can be honed to an incredible talent.”


What’s the most important reason a company should support leadership training for everyone? It’s the best way to spot tomorrow’s management team. “You don’t want to promote only candidates with the most dominant personalities,” reports Forbes. “It’s essential to identify those within your organization who have what it takes—even if they are the most introverted of the bunch.”

The bottom line? Someone may show early promise, but without offering training to everyone, you’ll never know who truly has the greatest potential to help take your business into tomorrow.

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Erinn Morgan

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