Peer-to-Peer on Seasonal Merchandising

Do you change the emphasis of products in spring and summer? Do you also change the product mix and the way you display? Those are questions we asked two of Shamir’s Peer-to-Peer champions.


To say that displays sell is an understatement. In fact, Visual Merchandising and Store Design magazine reports that 70% of purchases are influenced by displays. The key? Tie those displays to seasonal trends in both merchandising and inventory.

As Lisa Frye, optician and manager at Hoover EyeCare Associates in Alabama explains, “As the seasons transition, so do our patients’ needs. For example, we create sunglass displays that are prominently placed for focus during the spring and summer.”

What about inventory? It, too, shifts based on the season or focus,” adds Frye. One example? “This year we added ready-made polarized plano sunwear and included those with a reading Rx in the bottom. Polarization is demonstrated to allow patients to understand the benefit. We discuss sun protection with every patient at every visit.”


“We do not change our inventory in the summer, but our messaging and displays are customized seasonally,” adds David Holler, O.D., a founding partner in Clarity Vision, regarding his company’s locations in North Carolina and Virginia. “We do often display our sunglasses differently when we have more patients considering Rx sunwear.”

What about product at Clarity Vision? “We do have more patients ask about contact lenses in the summer,” adds Dr. Holler. “We do more contact lens-related services in the summer and often more back-to-school contact lens evaluations in June through August.”


“Plan ahead,” stresses Dr. Holler. “We often use internal marketing to promote sunglass packages May to September. We also advertise in several local magazines and online. Our message is customized seasonally.”

That planning should include partnering with suppliers, adds Frye. “Partnerships are available with vendors to promote eyewear designed to meet the demand for performance. Marketing hand in hand with them is a winning combination!”

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Erinn Morgan

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