Sunnies With an Attitude

Shamir’s Attitude III® Sport, that is. As a progressive sunglass lens for sports and active lifestyles, this performance sunglass lens is prescription-tailored to deliver clear undistorted vision, specifically in the zones characteristically focused on by people engaged in sports and active lifestyles. At the same time, it maintains full clarity and stability even when its wearer is performing sharp, rapid motions.

Attitude III® Sport also features an outstanding soft design and incorporates moderate power increases to ensure clear and stable vision in crucial zones, both above and below the horizon line. The lenses do, in fact, enable clear vision from the near zone through the 1- to 5-meter “safety zone” athletes focus on to plan their next moves, and all the way to the expanded peripheral zones of curved sunglass frames.

Who is it recommended for? Sunglass wearers who expect the best possible visual experience in sports and outdoor activities, even with wrapped sunglass styles.


Attitude III® Sport provides an optimal visual experience with curved sunglass frames. It offers clear vision in all zones—instant focus and clear vision in intermediate (safety), far, and peripheral vision zones, with dedicated support for near zone use of fitness bands and smartwatches.

In addition, it provides:

• A seamless transition among vision zones

• The widest possible visual clarity for distance

• Rapid adaptation and effortless vision

• The benefits of Eye-Point Technology™ III


The Shamir Attitude III® line covers more than just progressive wearers, however. Shamir has also incorporated its new technologies into a single-vision solution to allow single-vision patients the opportunity to enjoy the same premium prescription vision in both flat and wraparound sun frames.

Perfect for an active or leisurely lifestyle, Shamir Attitude III® – SV covers the extremes for single-vision patients. Its design benefits include:

• Optimal design for any frame size, shape, and tilt

• Greater optical design stability to any frame—large or small, wraparound, or flat

• Unique lens design for large frames with expanded Peripheral Vision

Have you tried Shamir Attitude III®? If so, tell us about the success you have had with this high-tech lens option—and share in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan

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