Blogging for Business

We get it. Your day is already more than busy, so the thought of adding one more thing is daunting, to say the least.

The good news? Blogging isn’t time-consuming, and the payback can be very real. According to a study by Orbit Media Studios, 77% of bloggers report positive results. Simply put, business blogging is a great form of no-cost marketing, and one that adds both a face and voice to your messaging.

Tip: Add a section for FAQs at the bottom of the blog to answer commonly asked questions.

Those benefits can extend beyond communications between just you and your current customers or patients, however. Thanks to hyperlinking, you can connect them to everything from product pages (yours or a vendor’s) to vision information and beyond…that is, wellness sites, fashion pages, and more.

What to Consider

It all begins with coming up with a strategy that works for you and your business. That involves decisions about:

• who’s who…the writer and content researcher, the pre-posting process, etc.

• posting frequency

The percent of bloggers who report positive results from posting.

• topics to address

• formats to include (video, for example)

• links to other blogs (like those of key suppliers)

• promoting it (on social media, for example, which will expand your audience both places)

• ongoing expansion (add section on FAQs  at the bottom of the blog, for example, to answer commonly asked questions)

• accessibility (make sure your posts are optimized for mobile devices)

Do Your Research

Whether you’re already blogging or just considering it, be sure to check out some of the top business blogs out there. You obviously don’t have the same resources, but you can replicate the feel, tone, and look of ones you like. You can even share or link to some of the content when it’s attributed correctly.

To help, here are five of the best business blogs out there, as ranked and shared at (

• Harvard Business Review (

• Small Business Trends (

• Fast Company (

• Business Insider (

• Entrepreneur (

Say, What?

If you think you don’t blog or even look at blogs, think again. Why? Because if you’re reading this post, you are, indeed, viewing a blog…the blog by Shamir, that is. Thanks for reading, and please tell us what other blogs you like by joining in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan

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