Staff Education

Facts, stats, and intel designed to boost internal knowledge.

THE BACKSTORY…on the Shamir Autograph Intelligence lens

Everybody knows there are lots (and lots) of progressive addition lenses in the marketplace. So, how do you pick the best one for your patients? One… more

Training…9 Numbers to Gnosh

Staff training is, at best, a challenge. Some practices don’t emphasize it, thinking, “If I train them too well, someone else will steal them.” Others, however,… more

UV? Not me!

Exposure to damaging UV is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, patients don’t always take it seriously. And, they rarely understand how damaging it can be. Here’s a… more

Vision + Lyme Disease

It’s a growing problem, especially in late Spring and early Summer. It’s important enough, in fact, that the subject will be addressed at the AOA’s Optometry’s… more

THE AGE GAME…pinpointing visual + chronological age

As they age, people don’t interact with computers, devices, or reading materials the same way as when they were younger. Traditional progressive addition lens designs are… more