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Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Video 3.0

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Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Testimonial 1.1

See what your peers are experiencing with the new Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lenses!

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Testimonial 1.0

See what others are saying about the new Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lenses!

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Product Video

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ closes the gap between visual needs that presbyopes of all ages want and require.

Shamir Autograph II+®

With the addition of Natural Posture™ and Close-Up™, Shamir Autograph® II+ provides patients more comfort both ergonomically and visually.

Shamir Attitude III – Fashion & Sport (VR)

The Shamir Attitude III family – progressive Sport & Fashion and SV lenses – supports a wider range of face-form angles and base curves, to optimally suit any… more

Shamir WorkSpace™ (VR)

Shamir WorkSpace™ is the best solution when priority focus is both mid-distance and near viewing.

Shamir Blue Zero™

In a world that increasingly surrounds us in artificial light, it is a given that our eyes need protection from the damaging effects of HEV (High Energy Visible), or… more

Shamir Glacier Games

It’s times like now to prove you’re the BEST! In today’s social world, it’s important to keep your eyes and your lenses looking good and well… more

Shamir Spark Mi™

Spark Mi™ is a revolutionary new measuring device that gives your patient greater comfort and a hi-tech experience, while saving you time and precision.

Shamir Spectrum+

Shamir Spectrum+ is an improvement on standard progressive lenses you’ve worn in the past. Featuring Natural Posture™ technology, Shamir Spectrum+ is designed to ensure enhanced comfort… more

Shamir Insight Company Movie

Do you know about Shamir Insight’s rich heritage? Check out this 2-minute video to follow a passion for visual excellence and high-tech lens solutions from 1972… more

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV

Precisely what lenses need! In today’s social world, it’s important to keep your eyes and your lenses looking good and well protected. Utilizing the most advanced… more

Vision 101: Myopia

Myopia is a condition in which the eyeball is longer than usual or that the power of the eye is stronger than usual, causing the light… more

Shamir Autograph III®

Based on a groundbreaking new concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph III® is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription, ensuring a clear… more

Vision 101: Hyperopia

Hyperopia is a condition in which the eyeball is shorter than usual or that the power of the eye is lower than usual, causing the light… more

Shamir Attitude III® – Fashion, Sport & SV

The Shamir Attitude III® line is designed to provide outdoor progressive and single vision solutions for each patient’s lifestyle need, whether it be for casual every… more

Vision 101: Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition in which one or more surfaces in the eye (usually the cornea or the intra-ocular-lens) refracts the light to two different focals,… more

Shamir Computer & Shamir WorkSpace

Shamir has gone and done it again. With the release of their two latest occupational Freeform designs, Shamir has developed solutions that will enable simplified ordering,… more

Vision 101: Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a natural part of aging, usually occurs after 40 years of age. The lens capsule inside the eye is losing elasticity and the ability… more

Shamir Duo™

Shamir Duo™ is a new generation of Freeform® bifocal lens that eliminates the visible dividing line associated with traditional bifocals. The smooth surface means no image… more

Shamir InTouch™

Introducing the latest progressive lens from Shamir…InTouch. Today’s modern lifestyles are changing as fast as new technologies hit the market. Use of digital devices and screens… more

Shamir Golf Lenses

Take a journey and learn all about Shamir’s latest Freeform lenses designed specifically for the Golfer in mind. Unlike standard progressives, Golf focuses on three vision… more

Shamir FirstPAL™

Learn all about Shamir’s latest Freeform lenses, FirstPAL™, designed for the new presbyope. FirstPAL™ has been designed as an “introductory” progressive. It’s a progressive without the… more

Shamir Relax™ – A Fatigue Relief Lens

An introduction into Shamir’s latest Freeform lens design – Shamir Relax™. The newest design provides single vision and pre-presbyopic patients a solution that eases the strain… more

Shamir – The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision

Shamir’s easy guide to understanding the highly technical nature of Shamir progressive lenses. Visit us at for more info on Shamir Insight and all of… more