Social Media 101: How to Create a Twitter Page

Should you Twitter? Today, a full 23% of online users use Twitter. While this number is definitely lower than the 71% of online users that use Facebook, Twitter is an excellent social medium for businesses because of its potential for extended reach.

When you tag other businesses and popular hashtags in your tweets, the potential for more Twitter users finding your Twitter page and retweeting your tweets goes way up.

Tip: Post to Twitter at the times of day shown to have the best engagement— 12pm and 6pm typically deliver the highest click-through rates.

23% 23% of online users use Twitter. 71% use Facebook.

Creating a Twitter page for your business is free and easy. If a social media presence is on your list of Things to Do, get started on your entre onto Twitter with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Sign Up: Go to and enter your information to sign up and create an account for your business. Choose an @username (also known as your “handle”) that will serve as your business’ unique and memorable identifier on Twitter. how to create a personalized page for your business.
  1. Create Your Profile: Select an eye-catching, recognizable profile photo that visually represents your business—this photo will appear on your profile page and as an icon for every Tweet you post. Tell your business’ short story in the 160-character bio and include business hours.
  1. Start Tweeting: It makes good business sense to post regularly to Twitter. Start by posting three times a week and extend to more if it fits your schedule. Your goal—short, engaging, informational posts that are the Twitter-allowed 140 characters per tweet or less,

In addition, include a short link to your business’ website (create one at Bitly) to drive traffic there. And, try to include hashtags in your posts—these words or phrases preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) are used to identify messages on a specific topic. Twitter users searching for hashtags of interest can more easily find your posts—and your business—if you use popular hashtags.

Do you have a Twitter profile for your business? Has it helped you with your marketing program?

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Erinn Morgan