Loyalty Programs and You

If you’re like the average American, you participate in 12 customer loyalty programs. And, all things being equal, you buy from those companies that offer you the most points…that is, the best return on your investment.

Experian reports that 75% of U.S. companies have loyalty programs that generate a healthy ROI. How much? According to that same Experian study, “69% of U.S. companies with loyalty programs track the lifetime value of each customer, for an average value of $1.803.”

Tip: Why not apply that rewards mentality to your patients and practice as well? It’s a great alternative to discounting. 

75%of U.S. companies have loyalty programs

Showing Gratitude

How do consumers feel? A study by KiteWheel found that 73% of consumers surveyed view loyalty programs as a positive and effective way for a business to show their gratitude for doing business with them.

Why not apply that rewards mentality to your patients as well? It’s a great alternative to discounting. You can tie the benefit to dollars spent or to specific products. It doesn’t have to be year-round, so maybe just during your slower months or in the dead of winter, for example, when you want to boost sunwear sales. And, while tiered rewards or “increase your spend by x%” makes sense for big companies, that might be more difficult for the solo practice.

What does make sense is tying it to referrals or bringing in additional family members. The point is to show you appreciate your patient’s business and to give them a good reason to help you continue to grow your practice.

RCPV Rewards

As an eyecare professional, you likely look for rewards of some sort from key suppliers. Shamir definitely sees the value in thanking you for your support, and its RCPV Rewards Program does just that.

In fact, between now through the end of March, Shamir Relax lenses are available for 1.75x the points. And, considering how much time people are spending on their devices during COVID, now is the perfect time to present Relax to all consumers…including those who don’t require corrective lenses. This advanced single vision lens is available in three variants precisely personalized to the visual requirements of the individual and featuring an extra bit of power in its lower surface area in the digital display viewing zones.

If you’re not a RCPV Reward Program member yet, just go to the home page (http://www.rcpvrewards.com/), select the “register now” button and follow the instructions. To accrue points, your practice simply needs to sell 20 or more pairs of qualified Shamir lenses per month.

Are you a member of the RCPV Reward Program? If so, tell us about the benefits you’ve seen and share in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan