Tips + Strategies

Words That Sell

There’s no question that some words and phrases help position product and promote sales better than others. Here are a few examples of what works according… more

Generational Marketing

If you’re like most businesses, there are times when you want to segment your messaging to focus on one age group. It might be progressive lenses… more

The New Consumer in 2022

According to consumer priorities research conducted late last summer by AlixPartners, 44% of consumers say their purchasing habits, patterns, and motivations have changed for good since… more

8 Winter Eye Health Factoids

Increasing numbers of consumers understand that they should wear sunglasses outdoors on a bright sunny day. Many even know something about blue light and summertime reflections.… more

Marketing in the New Year

Consumer spending is up, but the key is, of course, to make sure some of those dollars come your way. To make that happen, what sort… more