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On the one hand, COVID has created chaos, confusion, and devastating destruction. On the other, it has brought out the best in innovative thinking. At very… more

COVID and Increased Screen Time

With COVID again beginning to force more closures, now is an important time to review how online learning and heavy device or computer usage can impact… more


It’s supposed to be fun. But make sure it’s safe, too. As the CDC warns consumers, “Don’t let an eye infection [or injury] be the scariest… more

A New Lens for a New Work Space

We’ve had to change a LOT about our day-to-day operations since Covid-19 entered our lives. How we shop. Where we stand. How we socialize. How we… more

Fight the Fog

CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Science Times, The Daily Beast, The Verge… And the list goes on of news outlets covering how to prevent… more