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8Signs that your child may have untreated vision problems.

It’s back-to-school season, and several optical organizations have stats and strategies for ECPs. Here are just some of them that you can share with your own patients via social media.

Transitions Optical has released updated back-to-school resources that include educational and interactive content for parents and students, and promotional resources for ECPs. Check them out at

Tip: “Be on the lookout for warning signs that may seem unrelated. Not every vision problem is an obvious one.”


The Vision Council ( has also released information for parents, including steps to get kids back on track for school. In addition to scheduling a child’s annual eye exam, those suggestions include:

• EYE STRAIN. “Minimize the Impacts of digital eye strain. Device usage has been on the rise, but with a return to school that may include virtual learning, digital eye strain is still a cause for concern.”

• 20-20-20. “As the summer hours turn into fall, outdoor play will get more limited, and schoolwork will get added to the schedule. Help your child follow the 20-20-20 rule to minimize the impacts of digital eye strain. Have them take a break once every 20 minutes and focus on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can alleviate eye strain and work the eye muscles that are not being used while watching a digital screen.”


The Vision Council has also compiled a list of signs suggesting a child may have a vision issue. The organization warns parents to be “on the lookout for warning signs that may seem unrelated. Not every vision problem is an obvious one and vision loss is not the only sign of an eye disease or ailment.”

Signs include:

• Holding reading/digital material very close.

• Clumsiness.

• Requests to explain “what’s going on.”

• Loss of interest in school.

• Short attention span.

• Headaches.

• Disregard of “rules of the house.”

• Fear of sports, especially a fear of ball sports.

• Difficulty with social and emotional situations.

What information do you share with parents of young children? Tell us about the warning signs you discuss with them and share in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan

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