Personalized and Advanced

Shamir Relax™, a free-form lens design, provides both single-vision and pre-presbyopic patients a solution that eases the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation. This highly personalized single-vision lens is definitely designed for today’s digital age.

It is available in three variants that are precisely personalized to the visual requirements of the individual eyeglass wearer. In terms of design, Shamir Relax™ lenses feature an extra bit of power in the lower surface area, delivering added visual comfort in the 15-to-27-inches digital display viewing zones.

A Broader Market

A practice builder, Shamir Relax™ even provides those not requiring corrective lenses with that bit of extra power in its lower area. This makes close and intermediate viewing task easier and helps overcome the vision and constant focusing challenges typical to the continuous use of digital displays.

As Peer-to-Peer Champion Brian Abert, O.D., FAAO, says, “We are so fortunate that lens technology is here to counter the screen technology that exists so universally in our lives. I can’t tell you how many young patients we have seen with eye strain that have benefited from wearing Shamir’s Relax™ lens.”

Accommodative Relief

As its name implies, Shamir Relax™ provides relief and helps eyeglass wearers relax while experiencing greatly minimized eye dryness and fatigue, tearing, headaches, and blurry vision at the end of long days in front of screens. It’s a great solution for anyone with or without binocular vision who is looking for dedicated support for use of screens…be they a laptop or desktop computer screen, or any of the vast variety of handheld devices so popular today with consumers of all ages and visual requirements.

Having three options allows you, the eyecare professional, to meet those varying needs of your patients. The three versions are Relax™ 65, Relax™ 50, and Relax™ 80. As for materials, Relax™ lenses are available in 1.50 Hard Resin, 1.53 Trivex™, and 1.59 polycarbonate, as well as in 1.56, 1.60, and 1.74 high index.

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Erinn Morgan

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