The Smart Twofer

Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses aren’t just smart. They’re also unique in the marketplace.

Why? For starters, it’s actually two pairs of lenses: Moon for low light as well as night driving and Sun for daylight driving. Formally launching in July 2023, Shamir Driver Intelligence™ uses the most advanced technologies to provide optimal vision under all driving conditions for everyone from passionate drivers and consumers who drive for their profession to everyday drivers.

Tip: Taking into account changing light, eye fatigue, and reaction time, Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lead to enhanced and superior performance on the road.

Shamir Driver Intelligence™ transforms the driving experience into one that is safer, more comfortable, and visually clearer. Shamir was the first to incorporate elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its optical design, along with eye tracking and big data. Following a period of intensive research and development with big data measurements, using elements of AI, and conducting professional and everyday driver trials with their valued feedback, Shamir developed its driver-dedicated lens.

Its design enables sharp and clear vision with less glare. It does this in all lighting conditions—day, night, and in low light—while increasing road awareness thanks to exceptionally wide and clear visual fields. Taking into account changing light, eye fatigue, and reaction time, it leads to enhanced and superior performance on the road.

In its behind-the-wheel tests, wearers reported an 11% increase in reaction time during the day and 15% at night. How did they arrive at these numbers? Thanks to AI-powered head- and eye-tracking technologies, Shamir conducted its analysis of 2,086 consumers and various driving situations that included:

The number of driving scenarios tested pre-launch

• 14 million gaze points

• 80 vehicle types with drivers of all ages

• 200 driving scenarios

Among other things, wearers reported wider visual fields (up to 33% horizontal and 18% vertical) versus viewing through a standard PAL.

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Erinn Morgan

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