Tackling Computer and Workspace Needs

Whether at home or in an office, enhancing performance and comfort at work are important. Given the vast variety of viewing positions presbyopic spectacle lens wearers choose, achieving those can be difficult. For example, some people rest a device in their lap, while others have multiple screens on a desk or a single screen mounted overhead.

Tip: A Shamir occupational lens wearer can hold his or her head and neck in a natural, comfortable position while experiencing perfect focus.

The Benefits

Shamir has addressed all these challenges, and the result is not just one but two options for the presbyope: the Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™.

Thanks to these innovative products, presbyopic computer users no longer need to lift their head to see the computer clearly or to find a sweet spot for viewing. Instead, a wearer of Shamir’s occupational lenses can hold their head and neck in a natural, comfortable position while experiencing perfect focus.

The Options

To help you find which product works best for each patient in your practice, here’s a look at both options.

• Shamir Computer™ is designed for users who are focused on their immediate surroundings. An advanced Freeform® lens, Shamir Computer™ provides a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5 feet. That’s a much greater depth of field than what is provided by conventional reading lenses.
Shamir Computer™ is ideal for people who work on a computer throughout the day, especially those working with multiple monitors. It is important to understand that Shamir Computer™ serves those other occupations as well, because it provides clear vision for any task an individual performs within 5 feet.

The Shamir Computer™ lens provides a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5 feet.

• Shamir WorkSpace™ is the optimal solution when both mid-distance and near viewing are required. It offers clear vision up to 10 feet, which means the wearer can work on both near tasks and those farther away. This makes it a top occupational lens choice for patients.

Whether it’s Shamir Computer™ or Shamir WorkSpace™, Shamir’s family of quality Freeform® occupational lenses is a benefit to eyecare professionals and patients alike. It offers the perfect customized solution whether the patient needs to concentrate on close work at the computer while keeping near surroundings precisely in focus or works at the computer while also focusing on a mid-distance workspace.

Professional Preferences

Which option works best for a particular profession? Here are just a few occupations that will benefit from each of the two options. Occupations most likely to benefit from the Shamir Computer™ design includes lab techs, pianists, accountants, data entry clerks, and graphic designers. For individuals like opticians, nurses, chefs, or sales personnel, Shamir WorkSpace™ is a great solution. 

Whichever option you choose for a particular patient, the lenses will relieve Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is a group of problems related to prolonged muscle strain due to the individual’s attempts to achieve optimal eye-screen interaction.

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Erinn Morgan

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