Streaming Video and YOU

Meet the latest social media phenomenon, Periscope. It’s really pretty amazing, and here we’ll show you how you can use live streaming video, and apps like Periscope, to connect with consumers.

Tip: “Keep it short. 83% of consumers surveyed… report video length should be five minutes or less.”

58% of respondents consider brands that produce video content to be more trustworthy.
And, no, you don’t need a filmmaker on your payroll. All you need is your cellphone, the Periscope app from the iTunes Store…and someone to interview or an event to record. You can post links to your website, Facebook, or Twitter. And, viewers can comment in real time, too.

The video stays live for 24 hours. To save it for longer, make sure you have it on auto-save so you can keep it on your phone, upload it to a company YouTube page, etc.


To say video is becoming an important part of the purchasing equation is an understatement.

  • PURCHASE. Reelse research found that 73% of those surveyed say they’re more likely to buy a product or service if they watch a video explaining or showing it.
  • TRUST. According to Animoto, 58% of respondents consider brands that produce video content to be more trustworthy.
  • CONTENT. When it comes to what content resonates with consumers, Animoto reports that 94% of viewers say humorous content is tops, following by cause-related or heartwarming messaging (91%), and educational content (89%).
  • LENGTH. Keep it short, however. 83% of consumers surveyed by Reelse report video length should be five minutes or less. The survey’s analysts said they were surprised that 5 minutes was not considered too long by viewers.


Here are just a few suggestions of ways you can use an app like Periscope (now owned by Twitter) to show customers you…and now, they…are in the know.

  • EYEWEAR DOING ITS JOB. How about sports eyewear in action? Videotape a customer participating in an athletic event and post it so others can see your eyewear in action.
  • EMPLOYEES AT WORK. Customers would love to see how you adjust eyewear and do fittings. How about even what you do in the finishing lab? Streaming video apps like Periscope make all of that easy.
  • SELECTING EYEWEAR. Display your range of eyewear on streaming video. Tape a segment showing how you and a patient select the best frames for them. Demonstrate how certain frame shapes, colors, and lens tints flatter certain face shapes, skin tones, or hair colors.
  • TRUNK SHOWS. Having a trunk show or another event at your location? Folks who can’t attend live can still be there. Just click on the Periscope app, make sure your volume is up, and start filming. Show the product that’s being offered. Show guests having fun. Interview attendees or local celebs.
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS. Want to underscore involvement in your community? Take your cell, and Periscope can show viewers your presentation, a booth you’ve set up, or just the event itself. You can conduct interviews (with you on-camera or off) or you can just explain what you’re taping and why it’s important.

Set it up so you can stream live with a link to Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media works best for you. And be sure to promote it on your website or in newsletters.

Live streaming video is all about what’s new and now. Give it a try, and have staff do the same. We’re sure you’ll come up with all sorts of great ways to stay in the moment with patients and clients.

Have you tried streaming video in your practice? If so, what’s the most successful interview or video you’ve ever posted? Share your successes and good ideas, and join in the conversation on our Facebook page here.

Erinn Morgan