Time to Techorate!

Why? Because bringing more consumer-facing technology to the customer experience is a top trend in 2018. It’s part advanced capabilities…positioning you as a high-tech practice. And, it’s part infotainment…important at a time when enhancing service and the customer experience is what it’s all about.

Tip: “The whole concept of personalization is simply on steroids right now”

83%of goods purchased in 2022 will still be bought in-store. And, technology can help keep them there.


Today’s techorating trend can be as simple as adding tablets for customers to share images with friends and family. It’s about enhancing the experience, in part by maximizing the look and feel of your new technology. Think the Apple Genius Bar and higher seating. That could be your own dispensing bar. Another tip from Apple? Fewer fitting tables. Some higher seating. And a lot of flexibility because some of the technologies you may decide to add are standing units, others are hand-helds, and a few are wall mounted. One benefit of wall mounting, especially of try-on technology, is that the customer can take and send images to family and friends while standing at the frame board.



Technology is a great way to both keep consumers in-store and to make the online/in-store experience a seamless one. Good news for brick-and-mortar businesses is that, according to Euromonitor International, 83% of goods purchased in 2022 will still be bought in-store. Technology is a great tool to help keep them there. Why? Terry Lundgren, just-retired executive chairman of Macy’s, says it’s all about personalization. “The whole concept of personalization is simply on steroids right now. It’s about the consumer in that one moment in time.” So, what does that mean for this year? Karen Katz, president of Neiman Marcus Group ties it all together when she says,  “Great customer experience in 2018 will come from blending technology with a more personalized touch.”


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Erinn Morgan