Video Views and You

2018. “It’s a full-on video revolution year for marketers,” reports Dreamgrow research. Another video analyst, Wyzowl, finds that 63% of businesses now use video content marketing. The main reason? Fully 83% of those surveyed see a direct correlation between video and increased ROI (return on investment).

Tip: Don’t forget to put together a mix of subjects for patients to peruse via video.

83%of businesses surveyed see a direct correlation between video and increased return on investment.


Optical is no exception. Whether it’s playing product tutorials or promotional videos in-office or sharing them on social media, the result is similar. That is, increased interest in the product and/or category presented. Some customers will respond more than others, so plan your video schedule accordingly. Gen Z definitely demands video. And Gen X likes it.



How can you tie into this hot trend? For starters, check with your key frame and lens suppliers, ask them how other customers with a patient base similar to yours have used video, and what they suggest you do to maximize video messaging at your location. They know what’s worked and what hasn’t with other accounts. And, when it comes to video, they know from experience how it can help a business like yours. Just be sure to ask for both their in-office and online video suggestions.



While your reps will be indispensable resources, have someone in your office check out YouTube, as well. You’ll be amazed at what’s available to help educate consumers and show them the way…to product sales, that is. Take Shamir Insight’s YouTube Channel, for example. The company is so committed to supporting you with video that there is now a video section on the company’s freshly designed homepage. Here’s the link to that video page:

Go to YouTube, and you’ll have instant access to more than 30 Shamir videos in formats ranging from hands-on training topics to an attention-grabbing virtual reality experience. Check out that VR experience at:



Some ECPs drill down enough to determine which videos should play when. See if that makes sense for you, by asking yourself when you’re most likely to see families vs. office workers. And don’t forget to put together a mix of subjects—product-related videos, especially on lenses, plus educational did-you-know ones. And, of course, add in a few just plain fun ones, too.


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Erinn Morgan