World Sight Day: Making Fundraising Fun

Though World Sight Day isn’t until Oct. 13, now is the time to involve your practice in the annual event, including Optometry Giving Sight’s 10th annual fundraising campaign. OGS has all sorts of materials and fun fundraising ideas to celebrate this year’s call to action—Stronger Together. Tip: "To celebrate next... more


Controlling Myopia in Kids

Workshops at FDA headquarters this month are addressing ways to stem the tide of myopia in kids. Also known as nearsightedness, this visual defect occurs when distant objects appear blurred because images focus in front of the retina instead of on it. Tip: Promote exercise. Why? According to one major... more



Several fashion houses, plus The Pantone Color Institute, have released their takes on hot colors for winter. Here we bring you a look at top fashion takes and who is spending what. Tip: “Rescue is the new buzzword replacing recycling. As part of that, handcrafted, raw materials are seeing a... more


Cars & Cataracts

According to Prevent Blindness, one in 49 Americans is affected by a cataract that interferes with vision. And 400,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. In fact, The National Eye Institute reports that the number of Americans with cataracts will more than double by 2050—from 24.4 million to 50 million.... more


Create Valuable Video

According to recently released analytics about Facebook, video is what it’s all about, especially if you want people to share. Here’s some of what you need to know to create valuable videos with both “formal” video creation as well as streaming-from-your-cell video. Tip: Post, don’t link. Native videos receive 30% more views... more