Talkin’ Back…To School, That Is

It’s that time of year. School is in session, so parents and teachers are beginning to notice vision problems in the classroom. Plus, in-school vision tests usually take place over the next few weeks. Combined, that means new opportunities to meet the needs of young children. To help, here are... more

Fall Fashions…What’s hot, hotter and hottest

You can’t separate trends in fashionable eyewear from fashions on the runway. That's especially true now that glasses, especially sunglasses, are becoming an integral part of fashion’s overall look. To give you an inside look into what’s hot, here are some of the latest trends in both arenas for fall... more

“How Dry I Am”

Irving Berlin didn’t have dry eye in mind when he wrote those lyrics, but he could have. Then and now, dry eye is a big deal. So now is digital eyestrain. The National Eye Institute estimates that some 5 million consumers over the age of 50 are likely to have... more

Insight on Blue Light

By Dr. Brian Chou, EyeLux Optometry Harmful blue light is a hot topic among patients of all ages. How can we help patients understand what harmful blue light is and what steps they should be taking to ensure their eyes are protected? Tip: Compare UV and harmful blue light protection... more

Cool Kids

Today’s tuned-in kids, from tots to teens, are more style savvy than ever before. And, according to Euromonitor International, they also represent a healthy profit center, as kids under age 15 will represent 18% of the U.S. population by 2020. That’s one important reason for your practice to pay attention... more