Preventing Theft in Retail Businesses

Theft is rampant among all retail businesses and optical is no exception. Here we share a number of steps you can take to keep product, and dollars, from walking. Tip: Be especially vigilant during opening, closing, and restocking times [stat align="right"]$127.36the average value of a single item stolen by shoplifters... more


Update Your Website with Quick and Easy Tips from Design Experts

With all the emphasis on everything else in the social media sphere, it’s easy to leave your site untouched. Don’t. To help, here are tips from three design experts on easy ways to update and upgrade your website. Now! Tip: Use a device such as Google Alerts to let you... more


Holiday Shopping—Consumer Trends and Retail Tips

If consumers don’t think of you as a resource for holiday shopping, then you’re not sending the right message.  Here are some current retail trends plus steps you can take immediately to build holiday business both in-office and online. Tip: Cause marketing is the hottest trend in marketing today, and... more


Vision 101: Blue Light and Digital Eyestrain

GOT THE BLUES? What you need to tell patients about indoor exposure to blue light, and why it’s so important to address these issues with both you and their family members. Tip: “Nine out of 10 patients never bring up digital eyestrain with you, so be sure you initiate that all-important... more


Retirement Planning for Yourself and Your Business

Whether you’re a new hire or an owner thinking ahead, here are some tips to help make sure you’re planning properly for tomorrow. According to the 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), 22% of those surveyed are optimistic about their retirement planning. That’s a... more