Scare Tactics—Keeping Eyes Safe on Halloween

Halloween is almost here. That means cosmetic contacts, skin rashes, and eye infections from crazy makeup and silly stunts that can injure vision. Adults are just as prone to these problems as kids. Here are seven things you need to share with patients so that they and their kids will say... more


Blue Light Basics

You know that blue light emanates from both the sun outdoors and digital devices indoors. The problem, however, is that most patients still don’t understand the dangers of too much exposure. Here are 10 facts you can share with patients on this all-important subject. Tip: “Patients need protection from blue light... more


The Mobile Maze, and How It’s Affecting Retail

Mobile retail is skyrocketing. Here are several key trends that will come to the fore between now and 2026, as well as how they will propel change in tomorrow’s retail landscape. Tip: “The #1 consumer expectation in 2026 will be for a seamless shopping experience across a broad range of connected... more


Keeping Kids’ Eyes Safe from Chemical Burns

The frequency of visits to emergency rooms due to ocular chemical burns among kids is on the rise. Here are 9 things you need to share with staff and parents about keeping young eyes away from household chemicals. Tip: “Caregivers need to know the importance of immediately flushing the eye... more


World Sight Day: Making Fundraising Fun

Though World Sight Day isn’t until Oct. 13, now is the time to involve your practice in the annual event, including Optometry Giving Sight’s 10th annual fundraising campaign. OGS has all sorts of materials and fun fundraising ideas to celebrate this year’s call to action—Stronger Together. Tip: "To celebrate next... more