Color Hues + Fashion Cues

How important is color to your customers? According to KISSmetrics, 85% of shoppers put color at the top of their why-I-buy list. And picking the right color, whether in merchandising or product, can increase brand recognition by 80%. To learn more, we sought out the expertise of Eyecessorize and the... more

Sports + Eye Safety

This is Sports Safety Month, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Various organizations designate different months as their “sports safety month,” At the AOA, for example, it’s June. Both designations seem timely. Spring has sprung, and that means baseball, swimming, tennis, and more. As Doug Meltzer, O.D. says in The... more

Time to Techorate!

Why? Because bringing more consumer-facing technology to the customer experience is a top trend in 2018. It’s part advanced capabilities…positioning you as a high-tech practice. And, it’s part infotainment…important at a time when enhancing service and the customer experience is what it’s all about. Tip: “The whole concept of personalization... more

In-store Strategies

With online looming ever larger, upgrading the in-store experience isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. On the plus side, there’s a solid payoff for doing so. According to Avanade, business executives they surveyed report that, “For every $1 spent on developing customer experience, organizations are seeing [on average] a $3... more

Facebook or Instagram?

Social media. Everybody is into it. Almost anyway. According to the Eyecare Business 2018 Frames + Sunwear Focus Group Study, 69% of ECPs use social media to market their business. Facebook is still overwhelmingly the social media outlet of choice for ECPs, at 73%, and Instagram is second at 34%.... more