Vision 101: Blue Light and Digital Eyestrain

GOT THE BLUES? What you need to tell patients about indoor exposure to blue light, and why it’s so important to address these issues with both you and their family members. Tip: “Nine out of 10 patients never bring up digital eyestrain with you, so be sure you initiate that all-important... more

Retirement Planning for Yourself and Your Business

Whether you’re a new hire or an owner thinking ahead, here are some tips to help make sure you’re planning properly for tomorrow. According to the 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), 22% of those surveyed are optimistic about their retirement planning. That’s a... more

Visual Merchandising: Frame Board Basics

Every location has them, and they’re one of the biggest merchandising challenges there is. Regardless, research backs up the importance of making sure those frame boards pop.   Tip: “Just because you displayed the complete collection in one place on your frame board doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repeat strong sellers elsewhere.”... more

Weaving Word of Mouth Into Your Retail Business

According to Engagement Labs, word-of-mouth is still a critical driver of retail sales. Here’s more about WOM, plus how you can tie it into your online, printed, and in-person communications.   Tip: “Look at top brands like @NikeSupport, which responds to followers on Twitter literally every few minutes.”  [stat align="right"]13% of retail... more

Scare Tactics—Keeping Eyes Safe on Halloween

Halloween is almost here. That means cosmetic contacts, skin rashes, and eye infections from crazy makeup and silly stunts that can injure vision. Adults are just as prone to these problems as kids. Here are seven things you need to share with patients so that they and their kids will say... more