New and Now in Social Media

What’s new in social media? Everything. Here are some of the hottest trends, along with some tips on putting them into practice. Tip: 80% of your content should be relevant to the customer, while 20% can be about your business, products or services. [stat align="right"]2.5Short-term memory appears to have a finite... more

Sleep and Blue Light

Using digital devices at bedtime is a hot topic, and one you need to help patients understand. Here we share the latest info on the connection between blue light and sleep…or the lack thereof. While this high-energy light is important for cognitive functions like memory, regulating emotions, and increasing alertness,... more

Targeting the Generations

Check out our guide below to see what makes all generations—from silents on down—buy and want to do business with you. What drives one age group into your location may well drive another one away. Tip: Sell the experience to millennials and benefit from their impulsiveness by offering additional items for... more

Events… Planning for Success

How many special events do you hold? If the answer is less than one a quarter, it’s time to rethink that part of your marketing program. Why? Because events help solidify relationships with customers and patients. Plus, they draw in new business. And, if that’s not enough, here’s one more... more

Blue Light…Numbers to Gnosh

It’s often easiest to share information about complex topics like blue light in sound bites. To help you craft your own presentation strategy for communicating the dangers of UV and blue light, here are a dozen need-to-know factoids on this all-important topic. Tip: Since nine out of ten patients never... more