Negative Reviews and YOU

You may not love them, but you can’t ignore them. Why? According to a Google Consumer Survey, 67.7% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. More than half of them (54.7%) add that those reviews do, indeed, play a role in purchasing decisions. In fact, 72% also say they trust... more

Talking to Patients About Glaucoma

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. It’s a good time to share information about this devastating, sight-stealing disease with your patients. It’s become even more important since the National Eye Institute announced just last week that “repetitive strain from common and unavoidable eye movements may play a role in glaucoma.”... more

Night Driving Dangers

Research points to a number of visual challenges consumers encounter when driving in the dark. That’s especially true with young drivers and older ones. Here are several stats that underscore the importance of this subject, along with a few tips to help you keep patients safe. Tip: Hang up! The... more

Data Security Insights

2017 was a big year for security breaches and cyber crimes, including identity theft. The cost of recovery can be staggering, reports Security Magazine, “and often leads to the shutdown of businesses. “The average cost of recovery from small business data breaches is $36,000,” reports the magazine, “which can lead... more

Key Colors for 2018

Whether it’s about purchasing frames, merchandising them, or communicating with patients, you need to know what colors are hot. To help, here’s a look at two sets of color trends for 2018, as reported by The Pantone Color Institute—a just-released one on “everywhere” colors and an earlier release on fashion-only... more